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Health Care Heroes 2022: Cassandra Holder Christiansen of UTHSC College of Dentistry


If your heart is strong, and you’re fully mobile, and you have all your teeth, you can thank your youth or your good genetics. Or, more likely, you can thank your doctor. A good doctor can see you through everything from minor aches and pains and major medical issues to mental struggles and chronic physical issues.

So, in 2020, MBJ’s Health Care Heroes focused on those doctors, scientists, health professionals, and administrators who steered us through COVID-19. In 2021 and again this year, we have broadened the scope to include all of those who take care of our minds and bodies. We will be rolling out one profile a week through the end of the year.

Here’s to your health. And theirs.

Community Outreach

Cassandra Holder Christiansen

Director, School-Based Programs and Community Outreach, University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry

For Cassandra Holder Christiansen, one thing is fundamental: Good oral health is connected to good overall health.

Christiansen was urged to go into the dental field by one of her teachers. She later shadowed a dentist/professor who instilled in her the importance of good dental health.

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