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SNIS acknowledges “major shift” in chronic SDH treatment following new trial data

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In an official statement, the Society of Neurolnterventional Surgery (SNIS) has acknowledged middle meningeal artery (MMA) embolisation as a beneficial adjunctive treatment for chronic subdural haematoma (SDH).

STEM study finds improved outcomes with MMA embolization over standard care in cSDH

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At the 2024 International Stroke Conference (ISC; 7–9 February, Phoenix, USA), Adam Arthur (University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, USA)—co-principal investigator for STEM alongside David Fiorella (Stony Brook Cerebrovascular Center, Stony Brook, USA)—relayed that MMA embolisation with the Squid liquid embolic system (Balt) was deemed superior to standard management on the basis of the… Read More

Elevating stroke care: Navigating the transition from primary to comprehensive centres

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In a guest piece for NeuroNews, Thomas Devlin (Chattanooga, USA) and Michelle Luffey advise the community on how best to navigate the transition from primary stroke centres (PSCs) to comprehensive stroke centres (CSCs) and, in doing so, provide stroke patients with the highest possible level of care.