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This TikTok Suggests Your Baby’s Yummy Head Smell Is Actually The Scent Of Their Brain

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If you needed an expert to confirm this is, in fact, all nonsense, here you go: “No, this would not be possible. And unfortunately, that new baby smell, we love it, but it goes away in a few weeks and the baby’s soft spots stays open for months, so it doesn’t really line up or add… Read More

Why is hand, food, & mouth sometimes worse for adults?

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Dr. Christian Blake Bergeron, M.D., pediatrician at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, says adults who have severe cases of HFMD may have just never contracted it as kids, so their immune system fighting it off for the first time.

Totally Common Reasons You Might Stop Breastfeeding

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“The No. 1 reason why [breastfeeding parents] stop breastfeeding is they go back to work,” says Dr. Mark R. Corkins, M.D., division chief of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. “Many workplaces aren’t set up for breastfeeding,” he notes, despite laws that protect most nursing employees’ right to pump… Read More