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The Post-Bariatric Patient With Complications

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Many general surgeons have only six weeks or so of training in bariatric surgery during residency, but they are likely to encounter post-bariatric surgery patients who will need their help. At the American College of Surgeons 2020 virtual Clinical Congress, surgeons discussed their approaches for treating these patients, who should see them, and when surgical… Read More

Guy Voeller, MD, comments on Danish study

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Patients who return to jobs involving heavy lifting or extended periods of walking or standing after inguinal hernia repair do not appear to be at a higher risk for reoperation, according to a study of more than 34,000 Danish men who underwent inguinal hernia repair between 1998 and 2008… Guy Voeller, MD, professor of surgery… Read More

Dr. Voeller Weighs in on Hernia Mesh Debate

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Guy Voeller, MD, FACS, the chair of the panel, defended the use of mesh. “Mesh has helped many people,” Dr. Voeller, professor of surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), in Memphis, told GSN.