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Complexity of gene therapy in the retina and study of certain ethnic groups risks with diabetic retinopathy

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Dr. T.J. Hollingsworth, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center Hamilton Eye Institute in Memphis, discusses the need for increased funding for eye care research, the retina, and the complexities of gene therapy in treating the retina.

Low macular pigment density as possible warning for Glaucoma and Sickle Cell Disease leading to possible vision loss

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Dr. Mary Ellen Hoehn, Professor of Ophthalmology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, will discuss how sickle cell disease can possibly lead to vision loss in children and adults.

Dr. Penny Asbell Discusses Research to Prevent Blindness Grant

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Dr. Penny Asbell of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center at Memphis’s Hamilton Eye Institute explains the purpose of a $300,000 grant that the institution received from Research to Prevent Blindness.