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UTMG Physicians Named to Best Doctors in America Database


The 2006 listing of Best Doctors in America names more than 80 UT Medical Group physicians, all of whom are qualified to teach on the faculty of the UTHSC College of Medicine, as best in their fields.

The 2006 listing of Best Doctors in America® names more than 80 physicians affiliated with UT Medical Group, Inc. as best in their fields.

UT Medical Group is the Memphis area’s largest physician practice with over 325 providers, all of whom are qualified to teach on the faculty of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine.

The Best Doctors in America® database is widely regarded as a high-quality reference guide to the medical profession. The list is based on an exhaustive survey in which more than 35,000 doctors are asked to rate the clinical abilities of their peers. Participants are asked, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?”

The guide lists doctors in more than 400 areas of medical expertise, including allergy, cardiovascular disease, ophthalmology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and plastic surgery.

Best Doctors, Inc. does not accept compensation from physicians or hospitals in return for listing doctors in its database, nor does it pay doctors to participate in the survey.

The following UT Medical Group doctors are included in the Best Doctors in America® database. (Listed by specialty)
Adolescent Medicine: Sarah B. Stender
Allergy & Immunology (Pediatric): D. Betty Lew, Mary Ellen Conley
Anesthesiology: John Zanella
Cardiovascular Disease (Pediatric): Bruce S. Alpert
Cardiovascular Disease: Brad S. Burlew, Howard R. Horn, Kevin P. Newman
Critical Care (Pediatric): Mark C. Bugnitz, Michael W. Quasney, Gregory L. Stidham, Stephanie Ann Storgion
Dermatology: Ronnie Rasberry, Robert B. Skinner Jr.
Developmental Pediatrics (Pediatric): David A. Kube, Frederick Palmer
Endocrinology (Pediatric): George A. Burghen, Robert K. Danish
Endocrinology: Samuel Dagogo-Jack, Thomas A. Hughes, Beverly Williams-Cleaves
Gastroenterology (Pediatric): Dennis D. Black, John K. Eshun, Linda F. Lazar
Infectious Disease (Pediatric): Frederick Barrett, Stephen C. Buckingham, P. Joan Chesney, John P. Devincenzo, B. Keith English
Infectious Disease: Michael S. Gelfand
Internal Medicine: James E. Bailey, James B. Lewis, Robert E. Morrison, Kathryn Ryder, Julie Vannerson, Catherine Womack
Medical Genetics (Pediatric): Eniko Pivnick, Jewell Ward, R. Sidney Wilroy
Nephrology (Pediatric): Bettina H. Ault, Russell W. Chesney, Deborah P. Jones, Robert J. Wyatt
Nephrology: Sergio R. Acchiardo
Neurology (Pediatric): James W. Wheless
Nuclear Medicine: J. Daniel Massie
Obstetrics & Gynecology (Pediatric): Claudette J. Shephard
Obstetrics & Gynecology: Vanessa Givens, Edward J. Lazarus, Gary H. Lipscomb, Norman L. Meyer, Owen Phillips
Ophthalmology (Pediatric): Natalie C. Kerr
Ophthalmology: Edward Chaum, James C. Fleming, Barrett G. Haik, Peter A. Netland, Matthew Wilson
Otolaryngology: Charles Bruce MacDonald, Jerome W. Thompson
Pediatrics (General): Gail Beeman, Marion Hare, John R. Hill, Valerie P. Jameson, Karen L. Lakin, Deborah Nelson, Gerald J. Presbury, Lien Pham Russell, Robert V. Walling
Plastic Surgery: Robert D. Wallace
Pulmonology (Pediatric): Robert A. Schoumacher, James D. Tutor
Radiology: Thomas F. Boulden, Robert Gold, Louis S. Parvey, W. Chapman Smith, Ina Tonkin
Rheumatology (Pediatric): Linda K. Myers
Rheumatology: Andrew H. Kang
Surgery: Martin Croce, Timothy Fabian, Osama Gaber, F. Elizabeth Pritchard, Guy Voeller
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