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UTHSC College of Pharmacy Endowment Funds Allow Every Student in College to Receive a Scholarship


The UTHSC College of Pharmacy’s Feurt Committee, which oversees the college’s largest endowment, has made it possible for the college to allow 100% of the student body to have a scholarship for the 2021 spring semester.

Atheel Ghrayeb

The Feurt Committee funds are typically used for an annual symposium, international program, and some selected student scholarships. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the international program had to be paused, but the committee still wanted those funds to be used to support students through scholarships, said James Eoff, PharmD, chair of the Feurt Committee and UTHSC professor emeritus.

“From its inception, the Feurt fund was designed to support students,” Dr. Eoff said. “While we’re disappointed that the international program is temporarily on hold, we definitely understand and are pleased to be able to use the support, which we usually use for the international program, to dramatically increase scholarships for our students.”

With the additional funds for scholarships, every student who was not previously awarded a scholarship for spring 2021 will now receive one.

“I am beyond grateful for how this scholarship that I am receiving will help with my career,” said Atheel Ghrayeb, a first-year student pharmacist.

Anthony Ferrara, a first-year student pharmacist, said the scholarship will allow him to focus more on his studies.

“I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to the Feurt Committee for generously offering pharmacy students like myself scholarships for the upcoming spring semester,” Ferrara said. “In our attempt to master a rigorous and complex curriculum, gain work experience, and grow as student pharmacists, any and all relief from our financial burden is invaluable.”

The Feurt Committee has also approved additional scholarship funds for newly admitted students for Fall 2021, making it possible for the college to award every incoming student a scholarship. Admitted students will need to complete the College of Pharmacy scholarship application and their FAFSA to qualify.

“The college and I appreciate the continued generosity of the Feurt Committee,” said Dean Marie Chisholm-Burns, PharmD, MPH, MBA, FCCP, FASHP, FAST. “It has always been my dream as dean for every student to receive a scholarship, and because of the committee, we are able to make that possible.”