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UTHSC College of Medicine Celebrates Match Day 2019

Fourth-year medical students celebrate with families and friends at Match Day 2019. (Photo by Natalie Brewer/UTHSC)

The College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center joined medical schools across the country today in celebrating Match Day with fourth-year medical students.

Match Day is the day medical students learn the location results from the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) Main Residency Match, as to where they will complete residency training the next three to seven years. According to NMRP, this year marks the largest numbers on record, with 44,600 registered applicants and more than 35,000 positions offered. 

A group of fourth-year medical students celebrate their residency match with the College of Medicine. (Photo by Natalie Brewer/UTHSC)

“There are so many people who have supported us and carried us through this wild endeavor that kind of culminates today,” said Kelsey Bastian, M4 class president, during her speech at the event. “I just think of the ways that so many of you have also been the people who have carried me through this. And in so many ways we’ve done this together, through the good times and the bad. I’m so happy to be celebrating with you today, and I hope you feel, like me, a sense of gratitude for the people you’ve met along the way.”

As in year’s past, the UTHSC College of Medicine held its ceremony at the Memphis Botanic Garden for the Memphis campus and at Neyland Stadium for the Knoxville campus.

Students on the Knoxville campus celebrated Match Day with Smokey on the field of Neyland Stadium. (Photo courtesy of Kandi Hodges)