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UTHSC Physicians Work to Provide Surgical Assistance in Ukraine

Dr. William Novick, a cardiothoracic surgeon, has operated on children across the globe, including infants in Ukraine.

William Novick, MD, professor of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), has operated on children around the globe, as part of his mission to extend health care access to children in need wherever they are. When the war broke out in Ukraine, even though he was on a surgical… Read More

New UTHSC Global Surgery Institute Mobilizes to Help Around the World


First-year medical student Janyn Quiz, 24, grew up in the Philippines and moved to the United States two years ago with her family. She is among a group of students and faculty at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center working to promote surgical mission work around the world through a newly formed UTHSC Global… Read More