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UTHSC Receives More Than $42,000 In Energy Incentives from the Tennessee Valley Authority


The Facilities Department at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center received $42,067.50 in energy incentives from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The award was used to improve lighting and energy sources in the Mooney Building on campus. The Mooney Building is part of the state-funded, $70 million renovation of the university’s Historic Quadrangle which… Read More

UTHSC Plough Center Begins Production of Hand Sanitizer


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery Solutions is meeting the need to supply a high-demand item during the coronavirus pandemic – hand sanitizer. Production of the hand sanitizers began this week in the facility in the Medical District. Since the start of the pandemic, hand sanitizer has been… Read More

Kennard Brown, UTHSC Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operations Officer, Featured on the Funky Politics


Dr. Kennard Brown, executive vice chancellor and chief operations officer for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, talks about UTHSC, health care and its impact on the Mid-South on the Funky Politics. [efsflexvideo type=”other” url=”[efsflexvideo type=”other” url=”https://www.podbean.com/media/player/4twzm-649db3-pb?vjs=1&auto=0&from=share ” allowfullscreen=”yes” widescreen=”yes” width=”420″ height=”315″/]