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New Issue of UTHSC College of Health Professions Magazine Highlights Ways College Is Advancing Its Mission


Covid-19 has required CoHP faculty, staff, and students to dramatically change the way they work, learn, and communicate. The latest issue of the COHP magazine showcases some of the ways the college has adapted to meet the challenge.

CoHP Gaines Momentum in Research Efforts

The College of Health Professions is working strategically to raise its research profile, as it seeks to elevate the ranking for programs across the college into the Top 20 nationwide. A current goal is to increase federal grant funding for the college, and the first step is to submit more and stronger grant proposals. The college is already gaining momentum in grant proposal submissions, which have increased steadily over the last few years. Despite research restrictions in 2020, faculty submitted 60 grant proposals that requested over $64 million in funding. Just four years ago, faculty submitted 18 grant proposals and requested $6.8 million from funding agencies.

Student Leaders

CoHP students displayed leadership skills throughout the pandemic and through their training as future health care providers. This issue features CoHP students including Molly McCormick, David Watson, Elijah Lightfoot, and Leigh McCormack.



Read full stories and more in the Spring 2021 Issue: