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Medical Education at the Crossroads


medical education signpost

A committed educational institution is always moving forward. That’s why the UTHSC College of Medicine is constantly adapting, re-evaluating itself and exploring better teaching methods. It turns the lens of research on its own educational programs to make them stronger. It builds new curriculum to leave graduates better prepared to serve the health care needs of the community, the state and the nation.

The COM reaches across the state of Tennessee to offer opportunities to a pool of prospective students who didn’t have options before – building bridges that will link all of the major cities in the state through an Orange Network of core teaching hospitals. Our building materials are new partnerships and a commitment to supply much-needed health care providers.

The COM builds health care teams. We search for new and innovative training tools to hone the skills of graduates and prepare them with a firm foundation once they begin their careers. To aid in the preparation of confident, compassionate physicians, UTHSC is constructing a state-of-the-art facility that will equip our health care professionals to succeed in every environment – from a birthing room to a bathroom.

The road to the future of medicine is paved with the decisions we make today. Building curriculum, strengthening connections, forging teams – it’s a journey we’re well prepared to navigate.

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