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UTHSC Hosts ‘Love Your Body Month’


During the month of February, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) is hosting community-wide events to observe American Heart Month as designated by President Barack Obama.

During the month of February, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) is hosting community-wide events to observe American Heart Month as designated by President Barack Obama. The two, free events stress the importance of smart cooking, eating and exercise habits, and the acceptance of weight variations throughout life. Love Your Body Month events feature a forum on eating disorders and unrealistic body images, as well as a health and fitness seminar. The seminar offers relaxation techniques, simple exercises for adults and youth, lunch and a cooking demonstration by Memphis native Bryant Terry, nationally recognized eco-chef, food activist and author of “Vegan Soul Kitchen.”

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge throughout the life cycle,” said Frank Harrison, UTHSC Fitness Center director. Fonda Fracchia, UTHSC fitness and wellness coordinator, added, “It’s important to find ways to improve our health habits, but we should keep a realistic perception of individual body image. The ‘Barbie doll’ body type that society pressures women to have is unfeasible and men are not likely to maintain washboard abdominal muscles at middle age and beyond. However, everyone can strive for the best body possible with reasonable weight and strength goals. That’s where Love Your Body Month activities can help.”

Love Your Body Month events will be held on the UT Health Science Center campus. Event descriptions, dates, times and locations are as follows:

Popcorn and Perspective: A Forum on Eating Disorders and Unrealistic Body Images — On Tuesday, February 22, from noon to 1 p.m., UTHSC invites citizens to an open forum on myths about body image and on how to approach difficult-to-attain body types promoted throughout the media. The forum will open with remarks by Patricia Duda, an expert on eating disorders affiliated with the Transformation Center of Memphis, a counseling center to improve physical and mental well-being. Duda will speak on understanding realistic goals for your body image. The free event includes complimentary popcorn and will be held in the plaza at 920 Madison Avenue. No reservations are required to attend.

Forever Fit, Forever Fun: A Health and Fitness Seminar — On Saturday, February 26, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., UTHSC will offer a free seminar aimed at creating a healthier city. The seminar will engage adults and youth in stress relief and relaxation techniques, as well as simple exercises to do at home, work or school. In addition, the seminar will include a healthy cooking demonstration by special guest Chef Bryant Terry, and a forum on the link between brain development and nutrition by UTHSC expert Paul Herron, PhD. An agenda follows this release. The seminar will be held at the Student-Alumni Center, 800 Madison Avenue, and lunch will be provided. The seminar is open to the first 125 participants and reservations are requested. To make a reservation, call Regina Sims at 448-5069 by Thursday, February 24.

For further information about Love Your Body Month events, or to inquire about joining the UTHSC Fitness Center, contact Regina Sims at 448-5069 or visit: https://www.uthsc.edu/campusrec/.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

8:00 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Student-Alumni Center Dining Hall, 800 Madison Avenue


Registration 8:00 — 8:30

Welcome 8:30 — 8:35
Kennard Brown, JD, MPA, PhD,

UTHSC Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operations Officer
Warm-up and UTHSC Fitness Center Overview 8:35 — 9:00
Frank Harrison – Director, UTHSC Fitness Center

Forum: The Link between Brain Development and Nutrition 9:00 — 9:40
Paul Herron, PhD – Associate Professor, UTHSC Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Break 9:40 — 10:00

Stress Relief and Relaxation Techniques 10:00 — 10:30
Fonda Fracchia

Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, UTHSC Fitness Center
Playtime: Simple Exercises for Adults and Youth 10:40- 11:40
Fonda Fracchia

Lunch and Cooking Demonstration 11:45 — 12:45
Chef Bryant Terry

Closing Remarks 12:45 — 1:00
Frank Harrison