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Laizure and Parker Awarded NIH R03 Grant


Casey Laizure, PharmD and Robert Parker, PharmD, BA, both in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, received a $150,000 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study how rapidly caffeine gets into the body after consuming an energy drink or inhaling a caffeine powder.  New types of caffeine fortified supplements can potentially be abused, especially in combination with alcohol. An important determinant of their abuse potential is how fast the caffeine is absorbed into the body. This study will compare the absorption of caffeine from an energy drink to caffeine administered using an Aeroshot™ inhalation device.  Media reports suggest that the Aeroshot™ device results in a “caffeine buzz” that suggests very rapid caffeine absorption.  This will be the first study of caffeine blood levels achieved after using the Aeroshot™ device and is expected to provide information about the abuse potential of this method of caffeine use.