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Dr. Penny Asbell Discusses Research to Prevent Blindness Grant

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Dr. Penny Asbell of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center at Memphis’s Hamilton Eye Institute explains the purpose of a $300,000 grant that the institution received from Research to Prevent Blindness.      

What a vision: Eye institute receives $300,000 grant

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Hamilton Eye Institute at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center received a $300,000 challenge grant from Research to Prevent Blindness for studies in the university’s department of ophthalmology. The money will be distributed over four years. UTHSC will match the grant.  

Hamilton Eye Institute receives $300,000 RPB Challenge Grant

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The Hamilton Eye Institute (HEI) at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center has been awarded an RPB Challenge Grant by Research to Prevent Blindness to continue vision research initiatives conducted by the Department of Ophthalmology at UTHSC. The $300,00 grant will be distributed over four years.

Can you get coronavirus through your eyes? Local health experts weigh in


Medical experts are debating whether the coronavirus can enter our bodies through our eyes. A medical news contributor believes he got coronavirus through his eyes while on an airplane. He says the rest of his face was covered. Also mentioned on : May 16: WJHL

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Common in Eye Infections

JAMA Ophthalmology has published 10-year results of the ongoing, multicenter, prospective Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring in Ocular micRoorganisms (ARMOR) surveillance study evaluating profiles and trends in antibiotic resistance among common ocular bacterial pathogens across the United States. ARMOR is the only ongoing surveillance study of its kind. The study was sponsored by Bausch & Lomb.  

Multi-Tasking a ‘Life Passion’ For HEI’s Busy Penny Asbell

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Despite her extensive list of professional credits and global recognition in the field of vision and ophthalmology, native New Yorker Penny Asbell, MD, FACS, MBA, FARVO, now calls herself a hometown Memphian, excited about progress toward the goals she’s pursuing as chair and professor of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) Department of… Read More

What is the Best Refractive Surgical Choice for Patients With Mild Dry Eye?

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Perhaps the best predictor of significant dry eye disease (DED) after refractive surgery is the presence of DED before surgery. Therefore, the key to good decision-making in planning refractive surgery is to determine the severity of DED before you select and perform any procedure.