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Who are the COVID ‘Long-Haulers’ — Answers May be Surprising

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Jane Storie contracted COVID-19 a year ago and it was a “mild” case that included loss of taste and smell.  But that was not the end. It was the beginning. In October 2020, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Regional One Health partnered in establishing the COVID-19 Follow-up Clinic. Dr. Cyrilyn Walters is… Read More

Uncovering COVID’s New Connection with Diabetes

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Bryant Boone lives every day now with a sense of gratitude and deepening empathy for the vicissitudes of COVID. At 48, he is insulin-dependent, thanks to coronavirus. Dr. Cyrilyn Walters is seeing cases of people with sky-high blood sugar levels at the long-haul COVID clinic at Regional One Health (and UTHSC). She is also seeing… Read More