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City of Memphis prepares for influx of vaccine as another shot comes on the market

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The Midsouth is once again the center of vaccine distribution as yet another COVID-19 vaccine comes on the market. This one by Johnson and Johnson is a single-dose shot. FedEx has started shipment of the new vaccine and Tennessee could see 40,000 doses of it to start. Monday, the City of Memphis kicked off its… Read More

“I think the public is going to be pleased” | City of Memphis begins first full week in control of vaccine operations

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“Very confident, very confident that things will be smoother,” Mary Taylor said. Monday, Taylor spent part of her 86th birthday getting her second and final COVID-19 vaccine dose at the Pipkin Building under new management – the City of Memphis. “The bad news that has been associated with the county, and with the problems and… Read More

McGowen on COVID vaccine: ‘Send us as much as you can’

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When it’s time to vaccinate school-age children and their teachers across Shelby County for the COVID-19 virus, teachers will be the first to get the vaccine.

A year to forget? Here are 20 good things we’ll remember about 2020

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Suddenly last spring, everyday heroes in scrubs were getting applause and special-delivery dinners at work. The cheers and chanting ended after eight weeks or so, and the health care workers forged ahead as hospital corridors turned into holding bays. But they earned our collective gratitude. In a year defined by a pandemic quarantine, we created… Read More

COVID-19 vaccines offer hope amid surges, but it’s months away for many

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Months ago, there was at least a faint hope — albeit, grounded more in our shared contempt for COVID-19 than in any scientific data — that life amid a pandemic might fade as 2020 blended into a new year, a new year that could not come soon enough. That now seems magnitudes beyond naïve.

Dr. McCullers, Infectious Disease Specialist, UTHSC, answers COVID-19 vaccine questions

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Dr. McCullers, Infectious Disease Specialist, UTHSC, answers COVID-19 vaccine questions December 19: WMC Action News 5  

 County commissioners, Haushalter, McCullers discuss pros and cons of additional restrictions

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Shelby County Commissioner Mark Billingsley struck a somber tone when questioning Shelby County Health Department director Alisa Haushalter Wednesday morning. With the local case count continuing to reach new heights and the probability that holiday gatherings will mean much higher peaks in January, Billingsley — a longtime Republican and former director at Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare… Read More

Opinion: We will get vaccinated; you should, too

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Today, there are more than 500 people in our local hospitals ill with COVID-19. While many of them will get better, some will suffer long periods of illness and some will die. COVID-19 vaccines provide hope for a better tomorrow — hope that is proportional to the number of us willing to be vaccinated. How… Read More