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Dean Proud of Reducing Cost of PharmD Education for Out-of-State Students


From Dean Marie Chisholm-Burns

Dean Marie Chisholm-Burns

I grew up with limited resources, so I am keenly aware of the stress students face from the cost of education in this country. I vowed that if ever I was in a position to influence the cost of education for students, I would do my very best to help.

I have been fortunate to have a chancellery that hears my voice and my concerns when I advocate for reduction and limitation in tuition for all of our students – both from in and out of state.

Recognizing that UTHSC is a state institution, priority tuition pricing is, of course, to in-state students. With that in mind, this year, the college’s request to limit tuition increases to PharmD students was upheld, as only a $200 increase on in-state and out-of-state tuition occurred.

This makes in-state tuition approximately $22,400 for the next academic year. Also realizing that an out-of-state tuition over $42,000 is an extreme hardship for many, we advocated for an out-of-state tuition reduction as well. Again, the chancellery and the board approved this tuition reduction. Next year, for all current students and new out-of-state students, tuition will be approximately $27,400. Many current students have contacted my office offering their thanks, as this will save many of them more than $40,000 over their remaining years in school.

I thank everyone who has had a part in our college making the necessary reductions to offer a decrease in tuition for pharmacy students. As we have in the past, we will continue to strive for excellence to achieve exceptional academic outcomes, such as high board scores and progression rates.

It brings me great pleasure to know that I work with such a caring group of individuals. We make this reduction without additional money from our state, and thus we are not placing a burden on the taxpayers of Tennessee.

It was just two years ago when the College of Pharmacy’s administration, faculty, and staff pooled our resources by contributing personal funds to endow a scholarship for our students. This speaks to our commitment and passion.

Again, I am proud of my team, the chancellery, the board of trustees, students, alumni, and friends for their support. Thank you for your kindness and making my long-term dream of limiting tuition and reducing economic burden on students become a reality. I am proud to be part of this organization.



Marie Chisholm-Burns, PharmD, MPH, MBA, FCCP, FASHP, FAST
Dean of the UTHSC College of Pharmacy