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Campus Police to Host Crisis Management Training on August 31


UTHSC Campus Police will host a free workshop August 31 to train educators, administrators, and safety officers to deal with crisis situations and to safely reunite students with their parents and loved ones after a crisis is over.

The Standard Response Protocol/Standard Reunification Method Train-the-Trainer Workshop, taught by John Michael Keyes, will take place at the UTHSC Campus Police Headquarters located at 740 Court Avenue, Memphis, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The workshop, funded by the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance, is open to educators, administrators, school and district safety teams, campus supervisors, law enforcement, fire/EMS, emergency managers, and community victim advocates. It is also open to the faculty, staff, and students of UTHSC.

“I am always excited about hosting valuable training events on campus,” said UTHSC Police Chief Anthony Berryhill. “I will seize every opportunity to train with our local colleagues to better prepare us as responding agencies in providing quality service in a professional manner in the Medical District.”

Historical content and concepts on crisis management will be presented. “The UTHSC Campus Police Department is charged with the responsibility of patrolling and responding to not only the campus calls for police, but also calls within the Medical District,” said UTHSC Police Sergeant Joanne Morrow. “Calls for police assistance come in from several of the local businesses and medical facilities that do not have officers equipped to respond to certain events.”

Sergeant Morrow said the UTHSC Campus Police Department is the primary responding agency to all calls on campus and could possibly be the first to make it to a scene in the Medical District because of its partnership with the Memphis Police Department.

“As a responding agency, to a potential crisis/critical incidents, it is paramount to train all stakeholders on campus and in the surrounding areas on incident command and crisis management,” Sergeant Morrow said.

Interested participants can email Sergeant Morrow at jmorrow9@uthsc.edu. The deadline is August 27.