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UTHSC News: Pickleball Tournament to Raise Funds for Hamilton Eye Institute Lions Club


The Hamilton Eye Institute Lions Club at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is hosting a pickleball tournament to raise money for its local and international outreach.

The Lions Club is collaborating with the UTHSC Pickleball Club to put on the mixed doubles tournament Saturday, October 28, starting at 9 a.m., at the UTHSC tennis courts located at Doctor M.L.K. Jr. Avenue and East Street.

“Pickleball has become really popular among people here at UTHSC and throughout the community,” said Catherine Quiñones, MD, an ophthalmology resident at UTHSC and organizer of the tournament. “It’s really fun because it’s social, it’s something that you can play with others, so it’s a great way to raise money for our cause.”

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