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UTHSC News: College of Medicine and Regional One Health Celebrate Grand Opening of Lounge for Medical Students, Residents


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine and Regional One Health recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of a new dedicated student space for UTHSC College of Medicine students and residents at the hospital. This development contributes to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for UTHSC College of Medicine students and residents.

Attendees included UTHSC Chancellor Peter Buckley, MD, and UTHSC College of Medicine Interim Executive Dean G. Nicholas Verne, MD. Regional One Health Chief Medical Officer Martin Croce, MD, spoke of the significance of the space and the continued partnership between the two institutions. This newly established student space aims to provide UTHSC College of Medicine students and residents with a welcoming and collaborative environment, where they can engage in peer-to-peer learning, research, and relaxation.

“The dedication of this student space reinforces our commitment to the success and well-being of our medical students and residents,” said Dr. Verne. “We believe that providing a conducive environment for learning and collaboration is crucial to nurturing the next generation of health care professionals.”

The student lounge seeks to meet the unique needs of medical students, acknowledging the demanding nature of their studies and the importance of finding moments of respite.

“I am so excited about the new space for medical students. UTHSC has done a great job to make the space suited to student needs, and they are very receptive to continuing to make positive updates. It will be a great place to go relax or study for students on their rotations,” said Callie Walls, third-year medical student.