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The Holiday Gathering is TOMORROW!!


As we quickly approach the holidays and the end of another incredible year, the UT Health Science Center administration extends our immense gratitude to each member of the faculty and staff for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to UTHSC’s mission, vision, and values.

Let’s celebrate 2023 with holiday cheer and the spirit of the season!

Tuesday, December 12

9:00 – 11:00 am

Mooney Library

All employees are invited to pick up a complimentary UT Health Science Center sweatshirt, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a cookie, take a selfie with our photo booth, and mingle with your colleagues!

Instructions for Sweatshirt Pick-Up

Since the Mooney, Crowe, and Nash Buildings can be confusing to navigate, and because we will have a lot of people picking up sweatshirts, we have put together a detailed description of the traffic flow below that will help our employees move more quickly through the line:

  1. Enter the Mooney Building via front entrance at the courtyard, and proceed to the Mooney/Nash patio entrance
  2. Cut through the Mooney/Nash patio to enter the Nash Building
  3. Walk through the Nash atrium to the back stair case, go up the stairs
  4. Present your UTHSC badge to be scanned, and get a ticket for your sweatshirt
  5. Move into the hallway with tables lined up with the various sweatshirt sizes – small to 4XL, left to right – and exchange your ticket for the size sweatshirt you need 
  6. Once you have your sweatshirt, enter the Mooney Library where you can grab a to-go cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a cookie, take a selfie – by yourself and/or with your colleagues! – and mingle
  7. To exit, you will leave through the Mooney side of the Library, go down the main set of stairs (or elevator) and exit the main entrance of the Mooney Building into the courtyard.


A couple items to note:

  • One sweatshirt (size small – 4XL) per employee, with UTHSC badge required for pickup.
  • If you are unable to attend, you may send a copy of your badge (we will need to scan the barcode on the front of the badge) and your sweatshirt size with a co-worker who can pick up your sweatshirt for you. Employees are limited to picking up sweatshirts for five additional co-workers.
  • If we happen to run out of a size, we will take down your name, personnel #, email, phone, and sweatshirt size. We will place a second order of sweatshirts, and will deliver your sweatshirt to your office as soon as it arrives.
  • For those who cannot climb stairs, we will have volunteers in the Mooney Building lobby who can assist you to the elevator and help you secure a sweatshirt.
  • Employees will not be able to enter the sweatshirt pick-up line through the Mooney Library or second floor of the Crowe Building – you must enter the pick-up line via the first floor of the Mooney Building to the Nash Building.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Sally Badoud at sbadoud@uthsc.edu or 901.448.4957.