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RingCentral FAQs


RingCentral is our new UTHSC communications solution that is replacing our old, antiquated telephone system. It offers excellent benefits like making calls from your desktop, laptop, or personal cell, and it helps us avoid outages.

But, with new systems come changes, which often result in questions, so we have developed a RingCentral FAQs TechConnect article that we update frequently.

What kind of questions do we answer in the FAQs?

  • Does RingCentral require me to use my cell phone for work calls?
  • How do I dial long distance number?
  • What do I do with my old phone?
  • If I start a call on WiFi and then switch to my cell phone’s mobile data (or vice versa), will my RingCentral call disconnect?
  • Will RingCentral work with my Apple Watch?

Have questions about RingCentral? Check out the RingCentral FAQs article. And if you have a question we didn’t address in the FAQs, let us know in the article feedback. We will get it added!