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New Surplus Process for Campus Computers



New Surplus Process for Campus Computers

To better service the campus and to increase data security, HSC ITS and Surplus have jointly developed a new process for disposal of computing equipment. Beginning January 16, all computing equipment containing electronic storage will be sent to ITS for processing before going to Surplus for final disposal. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and removable storage such as USB drives, external hard drives, etc. This process will be facilitated through a new Computer Surplus Form and Tech Connect Service Request. For more information, or to arrange pickup and disposal of these items, visit the new Computer Surplus Page.

All other surplus equipment should continue to go through the existing Surplus Property process.

This new process will reduce the S1 processing time and increase data security. Currently there is a backlog of equipment submitted on S1 Forms that has not been picked up from the departments and delivered to Surplus. Many of these S1 Forms contain both computing and non-computing items. To ensure all items deemed surplus are processed appropriately, we are requiring items submitted on an S1 Form prior to December 1, 2023 but not picked up, be resubmitted using the appropriate process.

If you have any question, please contact Jonathan Lawshe at jlawshe@uthsc.edu.