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Monday Morning Mentor: How Can I Move From Supporting to Empowering Trans-spectrum Students?


Available October 23 – October 29, 2023

Password: inclusive123

Link to presentation: https://mondaymorningmentors.com

When students feel welcome and included, they have a better chance for academic success. Yet LGBT students, especially transgender students, can unfortunately feel unwelcome or alienated in the classroom.
This 20-Minute Mentor provides strategies and tools to help create a more inclusive classroom for transgender students. Jonathan Howle, EdD, Learning Design and Development Technologist at Guilford College, will show you how making small, inclusive adjustments to communicating with students will help them feel more comfortable, perform better academically, and grow personally.
Learning Goals
After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:
  • Better understand what trans students are experiencing in the college classroom
  • Create a more inclusive and welcome classroom environment for all students
  • Facilitate student personal development
Topics Covered
  • The sense of alienation and disorientation many trans students experience
  • Strategies to become a safe space for trans students to express their identities
  • Approaches to create a sense of belonging for trans students within the classroom
  • Tinto‚Äôs Model of Student Motivation and Persistence