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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – Ticketing Scams for Live Events


Even before news broke that the DOJ was suing Live Nation, the parent company of TicketMaster, cautions were announced about purchasing tickets for live events this summer. Scammers have used bogus ticketing sites to lure people with “too good to be true” scams, offering tickets to popular events at discounted prices.

It can start with a phishing email or even a fake social media post to get the attention of people wanting to attend a concert, sporting event, or even the Olympics in Paris this summer. The simple offer is for discounted tickets to the event that is too good to pass up. 

Fraudsters are now using news of the lawsuit “buzz” against TicketMaster and Live Nation as another slant to the scheme. 

Double-check the source for any purchase. Think this this can’t happen to you? It did, to someone in ITS, who purchased tickets for a much-anticipated concert and didn’t realize they were fake until they couldn’t get in.