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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – Physical Security of Portable Devices


Laptops, phones, and tables hold a lot of our data. Keeping them safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers is as crucial as digital defenses such as antivirus applications and passwords.

A lost or stolen device is an open door to your digital life. Treat your devices like the valuable pieces of equipment they are. Keep laptops in locked drawers or cabinets, especially in shared spaces like offices or dorms. Phones? Pockets and bags with security closures are important. 

Home office? Invest in sturdy desks or lockable cabinets to deter curious hands from wandering towards your equipment. A dedicated shredder for confidential documents adds another layer of protection. 

Traveling? If you don’t have your devices with you, lock them in your hotel room in the in-room safe, or in locked luggage. Don’t leave them lying about where others can find them easily.