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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – Phishing Emails You Need to Recognize


It is not uncommon to receive phishing emails. We’ve talked about them in the past, but this week’s tip is a list of the most common phishing subject lines you need to look out for. By no means do we say these are the ONLY phishes out there, but read more for the list and see if you’ve gotten any, whether in your UTHSC email or your personal accounts. If you receive anything suspicious in your UTHSC email, forward it to abuse@uthsc.edu for examination.

  1. Action Required 
  2. Part-time job opportunity
  3. Account Verification
  4. Are you available?
  5. Renewal plan successful (Your invoice has been paid)
  6. Billing information is out of date
  7. Payroll has been delayed
  8. Your meeting attendees are waiting
  9. Voicemail received

Be suspicious of any emails that you are not expecting. The bad actors are getting good at presenting these phishes to get your attention. For more information on phishing, check out our SPAR webpage.