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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – Learn how to sign out from your Google account on all devices


If you have a Google account, this tip is for you. If you’re concerned about unauthorized access to your Gmail account, due to forgetting to log out from a shared computer or noticing suspicious activity, there’s an easy solution. There is a page that lets you see what devices have activity on the account and how to sign those devices out of the account.

Google support has the full instructions here. But here are the quick steps:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. In the top right, click your photo.
  3. Click Manage your Google Account.
  4. Click Security.
  5. Under “Your devices,” click Manage all devices.
  6. Choose a device.
  7. Click Sign out.

#BeCyberSafe and know what activity has happened recently. If you don’t know, you can’t protect yourself.