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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – How to Deal with Unwanted Emails


Written by Chris Warner, Cybersecurity Intern

The most direct and effective way to handle unwanted emails is to block the sender. To block a sender using Outlook’s Web Application, click on the three dots at the top right of the unwanted email, hover over the “Block” tab with the cursor, and select “Block (sender name)” from the list of options. Blocked senders will be added to a block list, and any future emails sent will be placed in the “Junk Email” folder. This approach is best used against spam emails.

If you are using Outlook’s Desktop Application, in the top toolbar, in the Delete section, click Junk (the icon looks like a person with a red circle on it), then Block Sender. 

More malicious emails warrant further action, especially if they target UTHSC employees and students. Phishing emails can typically be identified by a mismatched email address and name, urgent language, and suspicious links or requests for personal information. If you suspect an email may be a phishing attempt, please report it to abuse@uthsc.edu

For personal accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo, a simple Google search will guide you on how to block senders in their platforms.