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Cybersecurity Alert – Be Aware of Gift Card Scams


Be aware of emails that pretend to be from someone you know on campus, possibly a department head or dean, asking for a “favor”. This is the start of a gift card scam and should be reported to abuse@uthsc.edu.

You receive an email that looks like it is from your boss or dean. It is asking you to perform a favor or task because they are unavailable to do so. They want you to provide your cell number or reply to the email for details. IF you reply, they will ask you to purchase gift cards and provide them with the numbers on the back of the cards. 

THIS IS A SCAM! Even though the email looks like it is coming from someone on campus, they are using a @gmail.com account to communicate. If you fall for this scam, it is very hard to trace the money and you could lose thousands.