Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ongoing Seminar Series

 Lakshmi Putcha, Ph.D., FCP
Chief Pharmacologist/Technical Manager
SK/NASA Johnson Space Center

 will present a seminar entitled

“Pharmacotherapeutic Consequences of Space Flight”

 Monday, April 28, 2014 @ 4:00PM
College of Pharmacy Bldg., Room 102

The goal of pharmacotherapeutics research at the Johnson Space Center is to provide safe and effective diagnostic and pharmacological intervention products, procedures and strategies in support of successful space medical operations.  To achieve this overall goal, research and technology development(R & D) objectives conceived are to: 1) Identify physiologic, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes in space; 2) Develop safe and effective non-invasive sustained-release dosage forms and regimens for pharmacological interventions in space, and; 3) Create and maintain a comprehensive space pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and therapeutic database.  An integral part of research focuses on the development of therapeutic drug monitoring and chronic drug delivery technologies that can meet the challenges of remote treatment needs for the Space Station and exploration-class missions, e.g., International Space Station, asteroids and Mars. Concurrent with noninvasive pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic methods development and assessment, design and development of alternatives to enteral dosage forms are also pursued. Data currently available suggest that space flight affects absorption of orally administered medications and stability of drug formulations. These findings support the need for the development of novel drug delivery systems for acute and chronic treatment in space. In conclusion, optimization of therapeutics for space exploration requires R & D of enabling technologies and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic ailments encountered by astronauts while in space and upon return to Earth.

Dr. Lakshmi Putcha is the Chief  Pharmacologist and Technical Manager of Pharmacotherapeutics Laboratories at NASA Johnson Space Center. She holds two Master of Science degrees and a Ph.D. in Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics from the University of Houston.  Dr. Putcha started her career at JSC as a Research Associate of the National Research Council and is currently the only clinical pharmacologist at NASA that directs and conducts R & D for optimizing pharmacotherapeutics in space. She is a recipient of numerous honors and awards at NASA including the Special Space Flight Achievement Award, Certificate of Commendation and Space Act Award.  Dr. Putcha is a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology and plays an active role in local professional organizations like Biohouston, Rice Alliance and Houston Technology Center. She holds adjunct faculty positions at the University of Houston, University of Texas Medical Branch, Texas Southern University, and University of Florida. With an extensive publication record to her credit,  Dr. Putcha is considered a pioneer and expert

Social Security and Your Retirement

A secure, comfortable retirement is every American’s dream.  Achieving this dream requires careful financial planning to anticipate your income and needs in retirement.  As part of a comprehensive financial plan, Social Security is an important element in retirement security.   On Wednesday, April 30th at 10:00am until 11:00am in the Human Resources Conference Room on the 7th floor of the 910 Madison Bld., Scot Brothers, a VALIC Certified Financial Planner, will present a seminar titled “Social Security and Your Retirement”.  Mr. Brothers will help you understand:

  • How Social Security will impact retirement income
  • The options for collecting Social Security benefits
  • The importance of creating a financial plan to bridge a potential income gap

To register please go to the Training Calendar


UTHSC Philanthropy Week

April 21-28, UTHSC Philanthropy Week will take place. UTHSC Philanthropy Week will highlight the efforts of UTHSC students on campus and in the community. The week is sponsored by the UTHSC Community Service Committee, the UTHSC Office of Special Events and the UTHSC Office of Development and Alumni Affairs. All events can be found by visiting

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IRB Insights – April 30, 2014 at 12 p.m.

Please join the IRB on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 12 p.m. in the GEB, Rm A304, for our quarterly IRB Insights session.  We will be discussing the difference in exempt versus expedited studies and commonly asked questions about both.  Please bring your own questions!  It will last 45 minutes to an hour.

Thank you, IRB Staff

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

Information on National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April is now accessible at  The purpose of the webpage is to provide awareness and education for students, faculty and staff concerning sexual assault/violence — what it is, including the legal perspective; what to do if it happens; where to go for support; and campus and local resources.

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Grizzlies Playoff Discount Tickets

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EndNote Basic Workshop, Wed., April 23

An EndNote Basic will be taught on Wednesday, April 23, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., Room 601 Alexander Building. It covers the basics of EndNote X7 software. This software manages citations for research papers and bibliographies. Entering data into EndNote, downloading references from PubMed and other databases, removing duplicates, and creating multiple libraries and bibliographies are all covered in this workshop. Microsoft Word is used to create a simple document, add references to the document, and change the citation style. To register for this workshop, click the following link For questions about the workshop, contact Rick Fought,