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Mid-Southerners are getting their lives back in focus thanks to annual Cataract-A-Thon


Physicians at the Hamilton Eye Institute were out Saturday using their talents to give a major give to people in need. 16 people received free cataract surgeries to help get their lives back in focus. The Fourth Annual Cataract-A-Thon has helped more than 100 people since it began in 2017.”It’s incredible, so many of these patients have come in here and the best they can see is their light on or off or can see a hand moving in front their face and they come out of surgery and they say oh my goodness, I can see my grandchildren’s faces or I can see to do my bills now and it’s just a life changer for these people,” says Dr. Emily Graves, Cataract-A-Thon Co-Director.

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