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Man Suspected in Auto Parts Theft at UT Garage Tries to Cover his Tracks by Spray-Painting Own Car, Police Say


UTHSC campus police say a man painted his entire car with black spray paint and attached drive-out tags, but that didn’t stop them from connecting the vehicle to a recent auto part theft at the school. UTHSC police said Steven Reynolds, 29, was arrested after one of their officers spotted his car in the parking lot of the Motel 6 on Pauline Street. The officer said he saw Reynolds attaching a drive-out tag to a 1996 Toyota Avalon and noticed the car had similar markings and scratches as an Avalon used in a catalytic converter theft in the Hamilton Eye Institute garage last Tuesday. After Reynolds was taken into custody, UTHSC police say he admitted he had stolen catalytic converters in the past, but said he did not steal the one at the UT garage.


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