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Coping with Pandemic Stress: From Walks Outside to a New Furry Friend


Sutton Mora’s job requires her to stay up to date on all COVID-19 news. After all, she oversees millions of dollars in COVID-19 relief grants in her role as executive vice president and COO of the Community of Foundation of Greater Memphis.

“I’m obsessive about it,” she said, adding with a laugh, “Then I will hit a wall, and I can’t watch any news.”

Unofficial, but likely on-the-money diagnosis: pandemic fatigue, an affliction that touches everybody, and an ailment that sometimes borders on overload to the point of numbness.

Locally, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center created a resources website aimed at helping health care workers and first-responders take better care of themselves.

“Whether it’s a nurse with two years of training or a doctor with 10 years, they’re not easily replaced and there are serious long-term consequences” for the health care industry, said Dr. Richard Walker, UTHSC’s interim chair of emergency medicine.

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