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Carb Wars: Why Are Alternative Diets Becoming So Popular? 

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By now, all us have that low-carb friend. The one who hisses at bread and pasta like a garlic-frightened vampire. The one who asks for bunless burgers at a restaurant. The person who rices (yes, it’s a verb here) cauliflower and “spiralizes” zucchinis into something called “zoodles.”  

FOX13 Investigates: Are plant-based burgers healthier?

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What are you making for dinner tonight? Many people will try out those new plant-based burgers and patties, believing they are a healthy option to real beef, but are those plant-based products healthier than the cow? Susan Warner M.D., from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, is both a doctor and a nutritionist. “They think it is… Read More