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During COVID, what has impacted faculty productivity most?

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Taking the time to author manuscript submissions, participate in peer review assignments, fill out grant applications and attend funding panel meetings are all both markers of academic productivity and metrics for promotion and tenure within higher ed. COVID has made such activities challenging for many faculty–especially faculty who are parents of young children. In one… Read More

Study finds significant gender disparities in academic productivity during COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, most science and medical faculty began working from home, with women reporting a significant decrease in manuscript submissions. Women also report providing 77.6% of the childcare themselves, compared to 61.3% for men, according to the Journal of Women’s Health. November 20: Alpha Galileo November 24: Bioengineer November 24: Yahoo! November 24: Sify… Read More

Opinion: Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic delay childhood vaccinations

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, vaccination rates for children have dropped precipitously compared to the same time last year. Many parents and caregivers have delayed visits to their pediatrician’s office because of understandable concerns about COVID-19 transmission.

Carly Goldstein and Becca Krukowski: Who will be the vaccine influencers for COVID-19?

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Now is the time to prepare for the availability of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, particularly since currently only 65 percent of Americans report they will be willing to get a FDA-approved vaccine provided at no cost. A vaccine will be an essential component to fully reopening schools and businesses and getting back to… Read More

Three tips for New Year’s weight loss

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The most common New Year’s resolution in Tennessee is dieting to lose weight, according to Vitagene, a health blog. However, a common question is “how do I successfully lose weight?” The answer is pretty simple. By keeping a record of everything you eat, you are becoming aware of what and how much you eat. A study conducted… Read More

Raise the tobacco age to 21, no military exemptions

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The surgeons general of the Air Force, Army, Navy and United States recently spoke with one voice about the threat of tobacco use among service members — a group with high smoking rates long targeted by tobacco companies.

Want up to 10% weight loss? UT researcher finds logging what you eat frequently is key

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Logging what you eat and frequency may be the keys to helping you lose up to 10% of your weight according to researchers from the University of Tennessee and other schools.

Fit and Quit program


The fear of weight gain keeps many people from taking on the fight to quit smoking and researchers here in the Mid-South are on a mission to change that. Dr. Becca Krukowski with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center explained how the Fit and Quit program works.