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Kidney Transplantation Needs Improvement for ESKD Patients

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Despite effort and acknowledgement, new research shows kidney transplantation has not improved much in the last 2 decades for patients with end-stage kidney failure (EKSD).

New study promotes kidney transplantation for HCV positive donors

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In the US there has been a push to accept more transplant kidneys from hepatitis C viral (HCV) infected donors for hepatitis C negative recipients. A team, led by Miklos Z. Molnar, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center James D. Eason Transplant Institute, examined the association of HCV infected… Read More

Memphis study suggests transplanting Hep C-infected kidneys to uninfected donors safe

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Transplantation of kidneys from Hepatitis C-infected donors to uninfected recipients is safe and can be successfully implemented as a standard of care, according to an observational study by physicians at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the James D. Eason Transplant Institute at Methodist University Hospital.  

Kidneys with hepatitis C safe to transplant, study from UTHSC, Methodist physicians says

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A new study from Memphis physicians says transplanting hepatitis C-infected kidneys into patients without the disease is safe, opening the door for an increased supply of transplant-ready kidneys people wait years to receive.The observational study of 53 transplant patients by physicians at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Methodist University Hospital says kidney… Read More