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Had COVID from a weaker strain? Get in vaccine line

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The hospitals here are not crowded with of people who had COVID early in the pandemic and thought they still had immunity.

Local ICU capacity expected to be ‘severely stressed,’ ER wait times up

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Every emergency room in Memphis is holding patients, often 24 hours or more, waiting for beds to open. Within days, the Memphis-Shelby County COVID-19 Task Force is expected to announce plans for how health care will proceed as the number of cases is expected to surpass last winter’s peak.

Hospitalizations soar; ICUs could be full by mid-month

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At the rate COVID-19 is growing in Shelby County, current ICU capacity will be depleted by mid-August. Sunday, Aug. 1, hospitals across the region were holding patients in emergency rooms because all beds were full. At Methodist University, nearly 25% of patients in the emergency room were COVID-positive, a level the doctors on duty suspect… Read More

Four more Delta cases confirmed as unvaccinated remain vulnerable

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As of Tuesday afternoon, four more cases of Delta variant have been confirmed in Shelby County for a total of 18.The new cases are not connected to other cases here, including a list of probable cases in the process of genome sequencing to know for sure.

A fourth COVID surge would affect the young, workforce

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A fourth surge would look very different, says Dr. Manoj Jain, infectious disease expert advising the City of Memphis. “First, it will be mostly among young people. Second, the hospitalization and mortality rates will be lower compared to previous waves. These people are less likely to have serious complications, but we’re already seeing relatively young… Read More

How an Indian immigrant became ‘the Dr. Fauci of Memphis’

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On Sunday, March 8, one year ago, Dr. Manoj Jain stood at a nurse’s station at Baptist Memorial Hospital and watched his world and ours suddenly and inevitably change forever….Jain teaches classes in health policy and management for the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, and for UTHSC in Memphis.

Tennessee hits last place in first doses distributed, as Dr. Manoj Jain says too much emphasis on second dose timing

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Meanwhile, infectious disease expert and University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) faculty member Dr. Manoj Jain told reporters Thursday that people shouldn’t be so worried about second doses being distributed exactly three or four weeks after the first. Even if someone were to only receive the first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, the scant… Read More

Should I send my child back to in-person school? | A Q&A with Dr. Manoj Jain

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Of the many studies, one study from University of Tennessee, Knoxville released a few weeks ago is most convincing. The researchers studied two schools during the fall of 2020 in the Southeast US, following cases closely and doing regular testing. Of the 3,500 students and staff followed 137 cases where identified and when detailed tracing… Read More