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Growing Challenges in a Shrinking Field

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As one of only a very small number of pediatric neuro-ophthalmologists in the nation, in a field that medical experts say is in rapid decline, Lauren Ditta, MD, says versatility is key in her profession. A subspecialist in neurology and ophthalmology, Dr. Ditta believes her job brings with it a series of challenges that include:… Read More

Multiple myeloma and abducens palsy Patient presented with persistent headache, diplopia.

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Our patient was a 70-year-old Caucasian male with a past medical history notable for hypertension, noninsulin-dependent diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and multiple myeloma previously treated with stem cell therapy. He presented with a two-day history of acute diplopia that was constant, binocular and exacerbated with right gaze. The patient also reported a new persistent right occipital headache.… Read More