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Giraffe genome holds keys to its peculiar body—and clues to hypertension treatments Mentions UTHSC

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“If indeed this is a major gene protecting humans from hypertension, it should have come up as a candidate in genomewide association studies,” which scan thousands of people for gene variants linked to a disease. “Talking about therapeutic approaches at this point would be premature,” agrees University of Tennessee Health Science Center nephrologist L. Darryl… Read More

UTHSC researches gene that could unravel diabetes, metabolic problems

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A team of medical researchers here have a deep hunch that a gene, thought to regulate metabolism in the body, could hold clues to new treatments for diabetes. Ten years ago, Dr. Darryl Quarles, head of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Division of Nephrology, made a name for himself in the research world… Read More