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A year and a half in, how COVID fatigue is affecting us

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Eighteen months into what we now know as COVID World, it’s difficult to not feel like we’re all the victims of some cosmic bait-and-switch game. COVID-19 arrived in our lives with little to no warning (well, that’s another story for another day) and was supposed to be no more inconvenient than those visiting in-laws who… Read More

Strickland Sniffling, but Expects Quick Return to Office

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Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, sniffling and coughing some in his attic isolation, is on Day 6 of his COVID-forced retreat. “I explained to people that it feels like I have a sinus infection. Saturday was actually my worst day. And it’s gotten better every day since then,” he said Thursday, Sept. 16. His message from… Read More

COVID Patients Break More Records

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Tennessee now tops the nation with the highest number of cases per 100,000 people, in adult and pediatric cases. For a brief period around noon on Thursday, every ambulance in the city was busy. “That means they have to drop off patients and go and not be able to stay and help us take care… Read More

Here’s How Life-and-Death Decisions Could Soon be Made at Memphis Hospitals

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The strain on Memphis hospitals continued to worsen this week, raising the once-inconceivable possibility that hospitals could be forced to triage care based on the probability of survival. Mentions UTHSC’s Dr. Richard Walker.