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Houston High student awarded $10,000 grant for COVID vaccine project!

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Harshawardhan Pande is a senior at Houston High School in Germantown. Horseshow, as he’s known, has been awarded a $10,000 grant to research vaccines against SARS-COV2 virus. January 5: Local 24 News at 6 January 5: Local 24 News at 10

Strep A bacteria kill a half-million people a year. Why don’t we have a vaccine?

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Looking back, Otto remembers struggling to breathe when he was as young as four. Exertion would make him cough, and the coughing fits would go on and on. Growing up in a family of eight children in a village in northern Uganda, he would try to run and play with other kids. But usually he… Read More

Vaxent and PREVENT kick off Strep A vaccine trials

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The vaccine was developed by Dr. James Dale at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and is being commercialized by PREVENT and Vaxent. The Phase I trial was announced in August.