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UTHSC Leads Diabetes-Focused Study

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Working with a coalition of Memphis-area primary care doctors, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is gearing up for a program that tests a novel idea for helping African-American adults diagnosed with diabetes better manage their disease. Dr. Stanley Dowell, shown, is helping lead a study for which the University of Tennessee Health Science… Read More

Tennessee is reforming health care without partisan warfare

Most people might be surprised to know that Tennessee is undertaking a major health care reform effort that is homegrown, nonpartisan and gaining momentum. Gov. Bill Haslam launched the Tennessee Health Care Innovation Initiative in February 2013 to improve the efficiency of health care delivery and quality of care for all Tennesseans.┬áThis program has three… Read More

New Interactive Map Shows Area Neighborhoods Words Binge Drinkers, Obesity, Health Disparities

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Who gets more sleep, folks who live in Alton Park or the North Shore? Who’s the worst when it comes to seeing a dentist, and what are the consequences? And what Chattanooga neighborhood is the home of the city’s worst binge drinkers? A new interactive map from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read More