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Shelby County, Tennessee to pilot new assessment center for justice-involved youth

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Shelby County, Tennessee is launching a pilot youth assessment resource center to divert youth ages 12 to 17 from delinquency. The center will provide early intervention, comprehensive assessment and referral to supportive services, and positive strategies tailored to address individual needs of youth and their families. On December 3, 2018, the Shelby County Commission authorized… Read More

Pilot program aims to keep kids out of juvenile justice system

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When the Shelby County Youth Assessment Center launches next year, it will be part of a cultural shift aimed at changing the way authorities respond to juvenile offenders. The center, operated by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, will provide services like trauma informed care and referrals to community providers to help families find… Read More

Weathersbee: How can struggling people defy mental health stigmas? This Memphian knows.

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Dr. Altha Stewart of Memphis is slated to become president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association. The 37,894-member American Psychiatric Association is the country’s oldest medical association and the largest in the world. Stewart’s election as head of the organization, founded in 1844, comes at a crucial time when increases in youth crime, destructive behaviors and… Read More

Concerns over long delays for mentally ill inmates’ treatment

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Shelby County’s Chief Public Defender Stephen Bush wrote a letter to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health in Nashville, saying the current wait time for treatment is the longest he’s seen in his 25 year career. “Once in the system, the amount of work that goes into providing [mental health inmates] with services, keeping them… Read More