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Zoom Not Working? We Can Help!


Did you try to host a Zoom meeting, and it didn’t work quite right?

  • Did your meeting cut off after 45 minutes?
  • You didn’t see the option to set up a co-host?
  • You couldn’t send a poll to attendees?
  • You couldn’t share your screen?
  • You couldn’t create waiting or breakout rooms?

If you set up a free Zoom account, you may experience all the issues above.

You must use the SSO option to avoid these issues!

If you use your UTHSC Zoom Licensed (Pro) account, you won’t have any of those issues.

How do you use the SSO option? When you see the Zoom Sign In screen, look for a button that says Sign In with SSO. Click that, enter tennessee in the .zoom.us field, and click Continue.

You will be signed in with your UTHSC account, and your Zoom life will be oh, so much easier!

How do you know if you are currently signed in with SSO?

If you are not sure how you are logged into Zoom, open the app, click on your profile pic in the right corner, and beneath that, it should have your email address listed as @tennessee.edu if you logged in with SSO. If you aren’t logged in through SSO, log out and log back in using SSO.