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Zoom Meeting Tip: Co-Host vs. All Participants


Zoom continues to tighten security features. It is important to know how to share your screen!  

Both the Host and the Co-Host must have a Zoom Licensed account to take advantage of this feature. 

To request a Zoom Licensed account, visit the Zoom Licensed Account website 

If you are scheduling a meeting for another host, use the Co-Host option. 

When scheduling your Zoom meeting: 

  1. Click Schedule. 
  2. Click Advanced Options at the bottom of the Zoom Scheduling screen. 
  3. Under Alternative Hosts, enter the email of the co-host. 
  4. Click the Schedule button. 

If you want everyone in the meeting to have the ability to share their screen, be sure to set the Screen Sharing option to “All Participants.” 

 1. Click Security at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Choose Share Screen under Allow Participants to:. 

When changing global settings, please be aware of the risks and understand that this decreases your meeting security. 

For more information and tips on how to use features within Zoom, please visit UTHSC Zoom website.