Where Should I Store My Zoom recordings?


Are you recording meetings, interviews, classes using Zoom?  Wondering where these recordings should be stored?  ITS recommends saving your recordings to Microsoft SharePoint.  ITS can set up a SharePoint site just for your recordings, if you complete this request form.

Why SharePoint?  UTHSC has a special agreement, known as a BAA, with Microsoft that provides an extra layer of protection for our data.  With the sensitivity of UTHSC data, we want to ensure that we are doing all that we can to protect it.  While other cloud options exist (e.g. Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox), our confidence level is strongest with Microsoft SharePoint.

Check out our Zoom webpage, Mapping Zoom Recordings for instructions!  Need help?  Contact the Helpdesk for assistance at 901-448-2222 or email:  Helpdesk@uthsc.edu.