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Welcoming Hanover Research to UTHSC


The Office of Research continually strives to provide top-tier services and support to the UTHSC research community aimed at enhancing their productivity and the overall research enterprise. Due to budget restrictions, the Office of Research decided to bid out our grant consulting services. In order to provide high-quality cost-effective resources to the UTHSC research community, the Office of Research thru the Office of Research Development is welcoming Hanover Research to UTHSC as our new grant consulting service provider.

Effective immediately, Hanover Research will deliver grant consulting services to all UTHSC faculty, assisting them with grantsmanship for individual grants, training grants and other programmatic funding proposals. In addition to project-specific support for researchers, Hanover Research will work with leadership and faculty to create one (1), on-site training per year that will last two (2) full days and incorporate one-on-one consultations with faculty. Hanover will also conduct two (2) webinars per year and work with UTHSC faculty and leadership to construct topics.

Hanover Research’s grants professionals have more than 150 years of combined experience, cumulatively securing over $500 million from federal and foundation funders such as the National Institutes of Health, US Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation.

It is the vision of the Office of Research to assist UTHSC in becoming a world-class, interdisciplinary, and research-intensive health science center. We are confident that Hanover Research will bring us one step closer to realizing this vision.

More information on how to use this resource provided free of charge by the Office of Research can be found on the Office of Research Development’s website. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Youngentob, Director of the Office of Research Development, at lyoungen@uthsc.edu or (901) 448-1277.