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We appreciate the COVID-19 Vaccine Team!


Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I want to take a moment to echo and amplify the thank you message to our COVID-19 Vaccine Team from Dr. Jones and University Health Services. I am very appreciative of the time and effort that has been spent by our volunteers to ensure that our campus continues to be as protected as possible against COVID-19. A vaccinated campus leads to a better protected community!

We are hearing daily about the numerous issues surrounding the vaccine distribution across the country. As the only university in Tennessee to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, I am immensely proud of the successful effort put forth by University Health Services, and our amazing COVID-19 Vaccine Team of dedicated faculty, staff, fellow, resident, and student volunteers. It truly takes a village, and our village continues to take the lead when it comes to fighting COVID-19!

While I wish we would have received enough vaccines for everyone at UTHSC, I am hopeful that we will be granted more COVID-19 vaccines in the future, so that we may continue to vaccinate every student and employee who is willing to receive it. I also appreciate the patience with everyone who did not receive a vaccine in this first round, as we work toward a more comprehensive solution for the future.

My sincerest thanks,
Steve Schwab, MD